| June 15, 2017

90 Second statement on the NDIS

I rise to talk about the importance of the NDIS in my electorate of Murray, where more than 3,800 people will have access to the NDIS. Disability support providers such as ConnectGV in Shepparton are eager to use this service when it comes on stream in 2019. Just this morning I was talking to Caroline Young, who is CEO of ConnectGV. She has a long list of disability support advocates who are calling for the NDIS to be fully funded.

We know that those opposite have no plan and never have had a plan to fully fund the NDIS since its inception. Former Treasurer Wayne Swan admitted it himself in his book, where he said in chapter 20: 'More savings were required to fund the NDIS, but by May we effectively had to rule out every other option. An addition to the Medicare levy was the only—

The SPEAKER: I remind the member for Murray that he must refer to members by their correct titles. I have been quite harsh on this.

Mr DRUM: 'We needed to ensure the long-term sustainable funding for the scheme. There was no other workable option. There was broad community acceptance that the NDIS was a worthwhile investment. It was less than $1 a day for someone on an average wage.' The former Treasurer himself admitted that an increase in the Medicare levy is the best way to fund the NDIS, yet the Labor Party refused to help people who need access to this service. When it comes to doing what it once preached to everyone in Australia, the Labor Party is choosing politics over people, instead of supporting them when they have a disability.

The SPEAKER: In accordance with standing order 43, the time for members' statements has concluded.

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