| November 22, 2016

$20 million Jobs and Employment Package for Murray

The Nationals Member for Murray, Damian Drum met with representatives from Local Government and other community representative groups on Friday as the first step to develop a local investment plan for the Hume/Goulburn Valley region.

The Coalition Government has chosen ten pilot regions across Australia to be a part of the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages (RJIP). These regions have much untapped potential which, if unlocked could lead to new sources of growth, economic diversity and the opportunity to pursue export markets.

Mr Drum said this package includes $20 million across the 13 local councils in the Hume/Goulburn Valley region.


“One of the key aspects of the RJIP is that the programme will be locally led and set against locally developed criteria,” Mr Drum said. 


“I met with Economic Development leaders in order to establish this local planning committee which will consist of industry, business and community leaders.


“This committee will then assess the region's economic opportunities and competitive advantages and develop local investment.


“They will create a community-driven, government investment partnership between the local communities, business and the Australian Government,” Mr Drum said.

Mr Drum said the discussions have already given him ideas of a strong group of candidates who meet the criteria for the planning committee.

“Importantly, wherever possible, the grant funding will be used to leverage

funding from additional sources including from project proponents, private

sector and other levels of government.”

Once a planning committee establishes a local investment plan, funding will be available through three streams:

  • Stream 1: Business innovation grants.
  • Stream 2: Local infrastructure grants.
  • Stream 3: Skills and training grants

 Further information about the RJIP can be found at www.regional.gov.au/regional/regional-jobs-investment-package

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