| May 23, 2016

Drum calls for Murray Darling Basin Authority to be moved to Shepparton

23 May 2016

Damian Drum, The Nationals Candidate for Murray, will lobby for Shepparton to be the new home of the Murray Darling Basin Authority.

“The Deputy Prime Minister has moved three R&D corporations out of Canberra already, and communities in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland have benefited as a result," Mr Drum said.

“It’s Victoria’s turn now and moving the Murray Darling Basin Authority from Canberra, and moving it to Shepparton makes sense.

“Moving the Basin Authority to Shepparton would bring around 300 extra jobs to our region. This would be people with skills in areas like hydrology and engineering, environmental science and policy delivery.

“It would also mean the public servants who implement the Basin Plan would actually live and work in the type of rural community that is directly affected by their work, instead of being hidden hundreds of kilometers away in Canberra.

“Barnaby Joyce has said that relationships are strengthened when the public service is taken out of Canberra and put closer to the industries and communities that they serve, so I will be pursuing this idea on behalf of our irrigators.”

“As I move around the electorate of Murray, listening to and meeting people and discussing the problems in the area, the need for more jobs is constantly raised with me.

“I believe that Murray needs a fresh approach, and I will continue to fight to get our fair share.

“The new jobs and the economic benefits that the Murray Darling Basin Authority would bring to Shepparton would be a real boost for our area and inject much needed confidence.

The Basin Authority could move straight into the former NVIRP building on Whyndam Street, said Mr Drum.

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