| November 29, 2016

Backpacker Tax Comments

Delivered: House of Representatives, Parliament House, 29 November 2016.

I will take this opportunity to can congratulate Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull on their leadership in relation to the resolution of the backpacker tax issue.

We have had the industry asking us for a 19c tax rate that would have been compatible with the UK, New Zealand and also Canada.

The coalition was keen to get this whole issue finished some six weeks ago when we put this before the parliament.

Then, along came Jacqui Lambie, and along came the ALP—on a little lead, like a puppy dog, with Jacqui Lambie giving them a little tummy rub; they were rolling on their backs and just could not get enough of this sort of stuff. This is the Labor Party playing games with the Australian people.

It was very obvious that we would be unable to get 19c through the Senate.

What we had to do then was either dig our heels in and remain as obstinate as others would like us to be or be prepared to do a deal with the Senate, in order to get this whole issue put to bed.

I congratulate Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull for doing a deal that will produce results for people in my electorate of Shepparton.

The Murray area will now go ahead and get the fruit taken off the trees.

This will be a huge issue not just for the orchardists but also for the packaging industry, the processing industry and the transport industry.

If the Labor Party really believe in 10 per cent, let us see what they do at the next election.

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