| June 27, 2016

Damian Drum has a plan to fix the problems

27 June 2016

One message has come through loud and clear to me during this long campaign.

People young and old, farmers, business owners, workers, families, students and community leaders are all telling me the same: Drummy, we need a fresh approach to fix our region’s problems.

I’ve got a plan for the people of Murray, and I’ve already secured big commitments for us from The Nationals ministers.

My plan for Murray will:

•        Build pride in our community,

•        Secure water for our farmers,

•        Build better roads and bridges,

•        Restore our agriculture sector,

•        Create more jobs,

•        Deliver better health services, including tackling Ice.

In this campaign, visiting Nationals Ministers have announced:

  • $10 million to fix Shepparton’s truck bypass get trucks off the main street
  • $550 million dairy industry package to help farmers struggling with milk price cuts
  • $97 million to get the new Echuca Bridge built
  • $20 million locally-led Goulburn Valley Jobs and Investment Package
  • $10 million to upgrade of the Murray Valley Highway
  • $10 million for the Shepparton Arts Museum, and
  • $20 million for the Wedderburn Pipeline extension to secure stock and domestic water

Each of these announcements was made by a Nationals Minister.  It’s clear The Nationals can deliver for our region.  In contrast, there have been zero announcements from Liberal Ministers. The Liberals’ Duncan McGauchie has delivered nothing.

I’m the only candidate with a clear plan for Murray. I’m the only candidate who has secured significant commitments for projects that matter to our communities.

Murray voters, when you’re at the polling booths please think about the future of our area and who is already delivering for our community.

Murray needs a fresh approach to fix the problems.


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