Employment | October 22, 2015

Labor does nothing while country jobs lost

Unemployment in regional Victoria was climbing sharply and the Andrews Labor Government was doing nothing about it, Nationals MP for Northern Victoria, Damian Drum, told State Parliament today.

The latest Bureau of Statistics data showed regional Victoria shed 6,200 jobs this month, including 3,000 full-time jobs.

“Since Labor took office in December last year, regional Victoria has lost 10,100 full-time jobs. North West Victoria, Bendigo were among the biggest losses in full-time jobs under Labor,” Mr Drum said.

Bendigo recorded 1200 more unemployed since Labor took office while North West Victoria has 1300 more unemployed.

In the meanwhile, despite almost a year in office, Labor had failed to launch its own Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

“It is simple political incompetence and country people are paying the price,” Mr Drum said.

He said that Labor had been embarrassed in State Parliament to have to admit its much talked about jobs and infrastructure fund was not yet up and running.

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