| August 08, 2017

Labor need to stand up for Water

As I have said many times in this place, the water policy is the most critical issue in the electorate of Murray—in particular, the 450 gigalitres of up water that was put into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan at the last second. Before this clause was put into the plan, there was a rider that accompanied it.

The rider states that the water must not be sourced for the environment without any social or economic detriment. Independent studies have made it very clear that an additional 450,000 million litres of water cannot be sourced for the environment without causing substantial and further economic hardship to our farmers, irrigators and the district. What is somewhat reassuring is the fact that the Victorian water minister, Lisa Neville, seems to share the same opinion as the federal government here in Canberra, the NSW government and also the Victorian coalition. They all seem to be on the same page.

What is really worrying is the lack of support the Victorian farmers are getting from the four Labor senators here in Canberra. Senators are supposed to come to Canberra to argue and fight and represent their state first and foremost, but what we have here in Canberra is Victorian Labor senators who have somehow or other changed their charter and are happy to sacrifice Victorian agriculture so they can placate the interests of Mr Burke from Sydney and Senator Wong from Adelaide.

It is about time Senators Carr, Kitching, Collins and Marshall started representing Victoria and making sure they put Victorians first and not Labor Party—

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