| June 19, 2016

Liberal and Labor voters angry about vote deal

Sunday 19 June 2016

A preference deal between Liberal and Labor is set to backfire for both parties in the seat of Murray, according to The Nationals candidate Damian Drum.

Mr Drum said he had been approached by voters who were angry about deals being done in Melbourne to suit the big city parties and he has asked Labor voters to ignore the party’s instructions .

“I have been surprised by the number of Labor voters coming up to me saying that they will not be dictated to by Melbourne and would not be votering Liberal with their second vote.

“It’s about trust. People are angry about backroom deals and they don’t trust city-based politicians and party bosses telling them how they should vote in regional areas,” Mr Drum said.

“The big city parties are always doing deals to suit themselves, I’m concentrating on delivering the best deal for our community.

“While Liberal and Labor have been working on this deal, I’ve been getting on with the job. I’ve had several National Party Ministers visiting our region and delivering major projects on roads, the Echuca-Moama Bridge, water infrastructure and the Shepparton Museum.

“The seat of Murray will do better with The Nationals because our party holds the portfolios within the Coalition Government which are critical to regional growth.”

Mr Drum said the decision by Labor and Liberal to preference each other had confused local voters.

“Supporters of both parties are saying to me they don’t know what the big city parties stand for anymore,” Mr Drum said.

“The Nationals are the only party that is completely focused on regional issues and I haven’t been involved in any preference deals.

“I understand that many people in Murray have strong allegiances to Labor and I’m asking them to make me their second choice.

“No-one has to follow the How to Vote cards handed out by any candidate, they are merely a guide. I would be honoured if Labor voters gave me their second vote.”


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