| February 21, 2018

Lisa Chesters silent on Water

Now that the Labor party has shamefully walked away from the Murray Darling Basin Plan by rejecting the Northern Basin Review and jeopardising Victorian irrigators’ futures, the people of the Bendigo electorate are looking to their Federal Member for an explanation.

Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Damian Drum MP is disappointed in the lack of care and leadership Lisa Chesters has shown to her hardworking irrigation communities.  

“Ms Chesters is not afraid to interject in Parliament during Question Time; in fact she has been kicked out of the chamber on 22 occasions. I can only imagine how disheartened the people from her electorate are when she says nothing and refuses to stand up to her party after they have potentially destroyed the Murray Darling Basin Plan,” Mr Drum said.

“As elected members of Parliament it is our job to represent the interests of our community. It is clear that Ms Chesters cares more about the interests of the Labor Party and the South Australian election than the interests of her own community.

Mr Drum is calling on Ms Chesters to stand up to the South Australian members of her party and do the right thing and stick to the Basin Plan that her own party implemented.

“It is a dark time for the irrigation communities across the Murray Darling Basin. These communities should not be beholden to the South Australian Government and the Federal Labor party. I am calling on Ms Chesters to do the right thing by her community and back the legislated Murray Darling Basin Plan and the Northern Basin review,” Mr Drum said.


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