| June 21, 2016

McGauchie rejects 300 new MDBA jobs for Shepparton

Tuesday 21 June 2016

At the forum in Kyabram on 20 June the Liberal Candidate Duncan McGauchie rejected the idea of bringing the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) to Shepparton. He said it was a waste of time.

Nationals candidiate for Murray, Damian Drum said, "I strongly disagreed with the Liberal candidate and I cannot believe a possible local representative for the region would reject 300 new jobs and a $35 million to boost the Shepparton economy.

"This is a big deal and an ambitious plan, but I am willing to fight for new jobs and growth of our local economy.

“As I get around the seat of Murray listening to voters, I am constantly being told how our region needs more jobs.

“Bringing the MDBA to Shepparton, would bring new professionals and their families to the area, and create jobs for our local people.

“Each year these jobs will bring with it $35 million worth of wages, and a big proportion of that money will be spend in our local area. 

“Many small businesses will benefit from the boost to the local economy. The MDBA employees and their families will buy new clothes, new cars and spend their money in the local shops, cafes and hotels,” Mr Drum said.

Mr Drum said new job opportunities would also become available for people who live locally.

“The former NVIRP office is for lease in Wyndham Street, so the MDBA would be able to move straight in and get to work, fixing the problems we currently have for our farmers and irrigators.

“It is important to have the water policy makers right here locally, dealing directly with farmers and irrigators and experiencing first hand the impacts of their decisions of taking water out of the region.

“We all know the devastating impacts of taking water away, and the water bureaucrats need to see it and understand it first hand.

“There is a clear point of difference between The Nationals and the Liberals and I believe The Nationals are best placed to deliver the outcomes needed for this region.

“The Nationals have clearly demonstrated their ability to get senior Ministers into the area for real announcements. 

“Murray needs a fresh approach to fix the problems and deliver real outcomes,” said Mr Drum.

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