| July 16, 2018

National Farm Safety Week: Innovative, Safe and Healthy

This National Farm Safety week Federal Member for Murray, the Hon Damian Drum MP is encouraging local farmers to review their safety procedures to make sure they are up to standard.

“Last year there were a total of 68 on-farm fatalities with tractors and quad-quad bikes being the leading cause of deaths. Additional to these numbers there were 179 non-fatal injuries recorded, which is far too high,” Mr Drum said.

“One death on our farms each year is too many and it is important that our agricultural community can work together to create a safe working environment for everyone.

“As an industry the farming sector has been improving their safety record, with overall reductions in the number of farm injury deaths approaching 60% over the past two decades, however, more can be done,” Mr Drum Said.

Farmsafe Australia Chairman, Charles Armstrong said this farm safety week, Farmsafe Australia is focusing on innovative ideas and practices to promote a safety culture on Australian farms.

“In a time of technological transformation in workplaces, farming too is undergoing a period of exciting technological change as we move into the digital landscape. With this comes a remarkable opportunity for innovative solutions and ideas around farm safety,” Mr Armstrong said.

“From digitized safety inductions using QR codes, to design improvements that make farm vehicles safer to operate, through to Personal Locator Beacons that sends a safety alert where something goes wrong in areas with no mobile reception, the possibilities are endless.”

“Every person who goes to work in Australia has the right to feel safe in their workplace. This Farm Safety week I’m encouraging everyone to take the time to re-evaluate their current practices and procedures to make sure every farmer and employee returns home to their families each night,” Mr Drum said.

Further information can be found at: www.farmsafe.org.au or by contacting Farmsafe Australia on (02) 6269 5622 or your state Farmsafe group.

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