CFA | December 03, 2015

Nats back Numurkah's volunteer firefighters

Member for Northern Victoria Damian Drum has joined the fight for legislation that will give all firefighters non-discriminatory access to compensation for cancers contracted as a result of their work.

Mr Drum was in Numurkah today signing a pledge to support volunteer firefighters having equal rights in relation to presumptive cancer legislation. 

“The Nationals are proud to show our support to all CFA volunteers to fight for equal protection,” Mr Drum said.

“Our volunteer country firefighters do amazing work risking their lives to protect others and we will not support an unfair system that favours some firefighters over others.”

Mr Drum said the introduction of presumptive legislation would provide a greater level of protection for almost 60,000 CFA volunteers across the state who provide a critical role in Victoria’s emergency response.

He said The Nationals, in Government, were strong supporters of Victoria’s CFA volunteers.

“Last year in Government we announced we would introduce this presumptive legislation and we also provided the CFA with more than $2.29 billion which enabled more than 250 stations across the state to be replaced or upgraded, including many across northern Victorian such as Marong, Toolern Vale, Rushworth, Merrigum, Oxley and Mia Mia,” Mr Drum said.

“These upgrades ensure that the communities these brigades cover are better protected from the threat of fire and in addition, our dedicated volunteers have facilities that are safe, fit-for-purpose and meet their needs.”

Mr Drum said the Nationals were fighting hard to ensure presumptive cancer legislation is equal for all firefighters.

“I believe whether you’re fighting fires as a paid member or volunteer you should be treated equally,” Mr Drum said.

“It is time Labor paid due recognition to our volunteer firefighters.”

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