| December 04, 2017

New England By-election

Labor were at their absolute worst on the weekend in Tamworth, where they had signs up around all the polling booths effectively saying that, if you want to support Medicare, you have to vote for Labor. Well, about 90 per cent of the voters didn't buy these lies from the Labor Party. They actually voted for the National Party. And they did that because they know that Medicare is in good shape.

Just to highlight how the coalition is going with health care, last Thursday I had the opportunity and the privilege of announcing the coalition government's funding of nearly $7 million for a new radiotherapy treatment facility in Shepparton. The Australian government is funding this new radiotherapy facility in Shepparton, fulfilling a commitment to help people who live outside the major cities to have better access to quality health care. Currently, accessing radiotherapy services for patients from Shepparton is difficult, and the nearest facilities are located in Bendigo, Albury and Melbourne, up to two hours away by car. This affects somewhere around 1,900 individuals each and every year.

It is a fact that the coalition have got their act together with health care and that they're able to offer these amazing services. And it's a fact that the people of New England are symptomatic of the people around Australia. That is, they do not buy the liars—the liars from the Labor Party. They don't buy the fact that the Labor Party are—

The SPEAKER: The member for Murray.

Mr DRUM: They are going to continue to defy the Labor Party, who keep coming up with these lies that we're cutting funding—

The SPEAKER: The member for Murray will withdraw that term. It is unparliamentary.

Mr DRUM: I withdraw that term. They will stop accepting these untruths— (Time expired)

Mr Drum interjecting

The SPEAKER: The member for Murray's time has concluded

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