| March 26, 2018

Sir Murray Bourchier

Sir Murray Bourchier is a local Goulburn Valley war hero and former Deputy Premier of Victoria who served in World War I and led one of the most famous Light Horse charges in Australian history. In World War I, he was commissioned into the 4th Light Horse Regiment and served in the Gallipoli, Egyptian, Sinai, Palestinian and Syrian campaigns. It didn't take long for Bourchier to climb the ranks as he was known to be cool, calm and collected, which had a good effect on the men he commanded. On 15 March 1917, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and took command of the 4th Light Horse Regiment. Later that year, on 31 October, Bourchier led a four-mile charge against Turkish positions at the Battle of Beersheba, which many believe was a turning point of the war.

After the war, Bourchier returned to Strathmerton, before being elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly in 1920, representing the Victorian Farmers' Union in the electoral district of Goulburn Valley. He was re-elected unopposed in 1921. During his political career, he was a Minister for Agriculture and Markets, Minister for Labour and Deputy Premier from 1935-36. Recently, I met with Peter McPhee from the Shepparton RSL and former state MP Jeanette Powell, who are working with a committee to erect a statue in honour of one of our greatest local war heroes. I commend the work that has been undertaken to commemorate Sir Murray Bourchier's service, and I'm looking forward to helping where I can to bring about this fitting memorial.

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