| June 09, 2016

The Nationals to preference The Greens last in Murray

9 June 2016

The Nationals will preference The Greens last in the seat of Murray at the 2016 federal election.

The Nationals candidate for Murray, Damian Drum, said The Nationals will place The Greens last on his How To Vote Card and will not do any deals with The Greens under any circumstances.

“The Greens are anti-country and are only focused on what is best for the inner city suburbs of Melbourne,” Mr Drum said.

“The Greens are anti-jobs in regional Victoria and want to close down regional industries that create thousands of jobs.

“If they had their way, The Greens would close down intensive animal farming such as dairy, poultry and feed lots, as well as the forestry and coal industries.

“The Greens would prefer to see our young people move to Melbourne and get a job in some radical environmental or animal rights organisations.

“The policies that The Greens have work against people who live and work outside of Melbourne. The Greens promote higher taxes, are soft on drugs, want to lock up all public land in more National Parks and restrict camping, fishing and hunting recreational activities.”

“The Nationals will not support any party whose policies comprise regional Victoria.

“It is pleasing to see other candidates standing in Murray are very clearly stating their intentions with The Greens.”

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