Kangaroos | February 12, 2016

Urgent action needed on roo numbers

Friday, February 12, 2016

Farmers and motorists in Bendigo and Central Victoria are making desperate pleas to the Labor State Government for urgent action on the exploding kangaroo population.

Nationals MP for Northern Victoria, Damian Drum, told Parliament  many farmers were facing ruin as vast mobs of roos invaded farmland every night, wiping out pastures and crops, damaging fences and forcing landowners to reduce their own stock.

Reports indicated that hundreds of collisions with cars were also taking place on the region’s roads every month.

In a strong plea to Labor’s Environment Minister, Lisa Neville, Mr Drum said action was needed urgently.

“When farmers try to get permits to shoot kangaroos now, they are being allocated a paltry amount – maybe five kangaroos a month. That has no impact on the enormous numbers or the damage they are inflicting.”

Sedgwick farmer Noel Storey has already had to reduce his herd of prized chemical-free cattle by a quarter and faces even harsher cuts if action is not taken urgently.

“They were even eating what few hay bales he had straight out of his hay shed. From a paddock which usually produced more than 40 round bales, this year Noel got just seven. Now it’s just bare dirt.”

Mr Drum said he was disappointed to read that a kangaroo pet food trial in other parts of the state was only being considered for Bendigo at this stage.

“It needs to happen now, not down the track when it’ll be too late for many.”

 “I am informed that on a recent 35-kilomtre trip from Seymour to Tooborac, one of my constituents counted 281 roo carcasses. On one night there were seven just in the main street of Heathcote.


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