Federal Member for Nicholls Damian Drum MP has today welcomed Mick Keelty’s report into the impacts of lower inflows into the Murray Darling river system.

Mr Drum congratulated Mr Keelty, Interim Inspector-General of Murray-Darling Basin Water Resources, on his report and the extensive consultation process undertaken across the entire Murray Darling Basin.

“This is the inquiry the irrigators involved in the ‘Convoy to Canberra’ were calling for. They were desperate for this work to be done by someone highly respected, and they wanted Mr Keelty to do the work.” Mr Drum said.

Interim Inspector-General Keelty had open public meetings at eight key locations throughout the Lower Basin, attended by over 1,000 people, with an additional 345 submissions being received online.

Key recommendations call for a more detailed understanding of the way inflows in the Northern Basin are accounted for. They also highlight a need to increase access to data and transparency around the water sharing regime within the Basin.

“It is obviously a problem when someone as capable as Mick Keelty can spend four to five months investigating the flow regime within the Lower Basin, and one of his major recommendations is a call for more data, more transparency, and more accountability” Mr Drum said.

“I again welcome the Government’s decision to accept these recommendations in full”.

Water users in Nicholls are encouraged to read Interim Inspector-General Keelty’s full report at www.igmdb.gov.au/reviews


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