Re: SPC mandates COVID-19 vaccine for all staff by end of November 2021

“I applaud SPC’s decision to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all of its staff by the end of November.

“It is a courageous decision and one that sets the tone for corporate Australia, particularly in light of the threat the Delta variant poses to families, communities and business.

“The reasoning and timelines outlined by SPC management are fair and reasonable, including the provision of special paid leave of up to two days for any staff who may become unwell after vaccination.

“As explained by its chairman Hussein Rifai, SPC’s decision is based on overwhelming scientific evidence, and I certainly share the opinion that the benefits of being vaccinated far outweigh any potential side effects.

“As I have from the outset, I’m encouraging everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as they can.

“In my opinion, people who can receive the vaccination but choose not to are being selfish and holding Australia back.

“In other words, people who actively choose not to get vaccinated will delay Australia’s road to freedom.

“Once all Australians have had the opportunity to get vaccinated, I will argue strongly that those who have be allowed to maintain their freedom of movement.

“I received my second dose of AstraZeneca last week, so I’m happy to be fully vaccinated and I urge others to do the same.

“Do your research before getting the jab, but please get your information from reliable and credible sources – not an online forum or chat group where conspiracy theorists lurk and where it is easy to become confused about what is real and what isn’t.”


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